In this section you can manage your bank account and the credential of this.

Bank accounts

In this part you can create, delet and edit your banc account and the products that you have with them. First you have a list of all your accounts.


New bank account
Clicking "New bank account" you can add a new account.

You will have to fill the details of the account, select the products and the credential if the product needs credentials.


In this page you can create, edit and erase the credentials of your accounts.

Clicking edit or create credential the account credential wizard will start. You can select between only login data or signature and login data credential.

Crear o editar credencial
-Choose the bank and the name of the credential.

-Fill login data.

If you create a only login credential this will be the last step. 

-Choose signature method.

-Signature data: you will have to fill the signature data of that signature method, if necessary. If you have chosen "Signature by phone" or "OTP" aditional configurations will be needed. In this example you have the Caixa security card:

Once you have filled the signature data you will have a summary of the credential data.