When adding a new account to the Unnax system you can choose between Own Account and Unnax Account.

Own Accounts

A Own Account is the standard type of account owned and managed by you. 

To create it you have to introduce at Unnax portal:

  • The account number
  • Login credentials
  • Signature data 

This accounts could be used for Pay Ins and Pay Outs

Unnax Account

A Unnax Account are accounts managed by an Electronic Money Institution partner and it allows you to have more banking coverage for Pay Outs and Pay Ins. 

To start operating with an Unnax Account it will be necessary a updated COPY of:

  • Company CIF.
  • Deed of Constitution and Statutes.
  • Additional deeds reflecting any relevant changes subsequent to the Constitution, namely changes of address, capital increases, changes in administrators, changes in corporate purpose, etc.
  • Authorization of the Bank of Spain.
  • Royal Certificate of Ownership or updated Certificate of Shareholders (signed by the Secretary of the Board, the Sole Administrator or the Chairman of the Board). In the event that in the complete detail of shareholders also include legal persons, the corresponding updated certificates of shareholders of these companies must be incorporated until they can reach the last individual natural owners.
  • Identification documents (valid and valid) of all the attorneys and / or the top management of the entity.
  • Model 036 or 037 (Census registration).
  • Manual on PBC / FT.
  • Form F22 of Appointment of Representative before the Sepblac, as well as copy of the document identifying it.
  • Last External Expert Report.
  • Last External Expert Report.
  • Download and fill the following form.