To create your account credentials just follow this steps:

  • Login into Unnax Portal
  • Navigate to Config
  • Click on Bank Accounts
  • Click on the Credentials Tab
  • Click on the blue button "New Credential"
  • Select from Login data or Login and signature data
  • Follow the steps with the proper data. 
  • Depending on the bank, there will be different signing methods available. UNNAX will automatically show the ones available for the selected bank.

Step 1 - Admin

  • Select the number of administrator associated to this credential.
  • Enter a credential name
  • Select the linked Bank

Step 2 - Acces

Enter here the login credentials of the Bank Account you want to add to the system

Step 3- Signature Method

Select the signature method associated to your credential

Step 4 - Signature Data

  • If you select "Security Card" in the last step, the system will show you a form to fill all the card positions
  • Make sure you enter the correct position in each input
  • In the field "reference" enter the card reference, usually this number is in one of the sides of the security card

Step 5 - Resume

Check that your data is OK

Step 6 - Complete

Confirm your changes and sign with you Authy code