We have different options to configure the Pay Ins widget

General configuration

  • Payment methods of widget: Enable / disable payment methods
  • DBT Default Account: Select the default account for your Pay-In transactions. By default the system will route payments to one of your Bank account that matches the customer's account, otherwise the system will use the default account.
  • DBT Reading: Enable transfer reading Pay-In returns the data collected from the account reading to the defined URL.
  • DBT ownership verification: Define maximun tries allowed to verify the bank account property which the pay is done.

Direct Bank Transfer allowed Banks

You can enable / disable banks to allow incoming payments from at Unnax Portal by following the next steps:

  • Login into Unnax Portal
  • Click on Config
  • Click on Pay-In
  • In the section DBT allowed Banks you can click the radio button to enable/disable the bank
  • Confirm your action in the pop-up window

This configurations al also available through our APIs. You have all the technical documentation here.