Bank aggregation response is received via callback or, in some cases, via email.

Callbacks are asynchronous responses to certain events (e.g. when the customer logs in to the account on the widget). This allows merchants to be informed about how readings are behaving or if there is any problem. The callbacks inform about certain events depending on the webhooks the merchant is subscribed to. To understand this, the webhook event_credential_token_creation is triggered when a token is created and the callback reports about the token created in a tokenization.

In order to receive a Bank Aggregation you need to register to the webhook "fitnance_read".

Once the Bank Aggregation is complete, the system will send via callback the raw data in JSON format to the registered webhooks for the event "fitnance_read".


  • Bank Aggregation Data Model available here
  • How to decrypt results received in format JSON here
  • Report types here
  • How to register Webhooks here

For further information go through the service documentation