You can see the detail of your bank accounts going to:

Pay Outs > Dashboard 

Will show you different dashboards that could help you manage your movements: last transactions, last orders status (completed, pending), total amount transferred, etc. 

Pay Outs > Movements 

This section will show you information about every movement initiated from your account I.e, Pay Outs. You can see an aggregation of the information from your accounts, balance, avg balance for each account, total transactions, among other data. You will be also able to filter by status, date and search by order_code. As you can see in the image below, everything is arranged so with a quick glance you could get a abstract of your accounts status.

Pay Outs > Banks 

Shows you every transaction made from your bank accounts, Pay In and Pay Out as well. You can filter by account and by date, you can search an order_code and you can download all the transactions in a .CSV file so you can export the data to an spreadsheet software.