Auto Payments is a powerful tool that allows you to process payments in various ways, automate payment processes, eliminate unnecessary fees and speed up money movements.

Our account management tools allow you to work with your own accounts or with UNNAX accounts. In order to do that, you will need to configure the bank accounts you will use for the instant pay-outs through the Unnax platform. These payments can be performed through your own bank accounts (CUENTA PROPIA) or through bank accounts provided by Unnax (CUENTA UNNAX).

  • If you are using Unnax accounts, Unnax will configure them at the System and provide you with all the information you need (name, IBAN, hash, etc.)
  • If you are using your own accounts, you will have to configure them through the Unnax Portal, providing your login credentials and digital signature to process payments.

Before you can start doing transactions, make sure you have configured your UNNAX Accounts 

Configure Pay-Out (Movex) accounts:

In the Pay Out section (formerly "Movex"), you will see the list of bank accounts that you have available to make pay-outs through our platform. You must select the one that will do the instant payments by default. 


It is also possible to configure different payment rules such as the maximum amount for a single operation or set a limit to the number of operations with the same destination account per day.

Account Statements Review:

This area allows you to manage all your accounts, see their balance and the last transactions performed. 


Transfer between your accounts:

In the Account Statements Review view, you have the option to move money between your registered accounts. You can do this whether you are using your own accounts or accounts provided by UNNAX. To do this, use the “Generar Transacción” option. 


External provisioning:

By using the “Aprovisionamiento Externo” option you can also make deposits or transfer money to any of the accounts available in UNNAX from an account not belonging to the UNNAX environment. To perform automatic conciliations of this kind of provisioning you will have to make the transfer or deposit using the information of “IBAN” and “Concept” given to you by the UNNAX Portal, as shown in the example below. 


Bank and Movements Details

You can see the detail of your bank accounts by visiting:

Pay Out > bancos

Here you can see every transaction made from your bank accounts, including pay-in and pay-our operations. You can filter by account and by date, you can search an order_code, and you can download all the transactions in a .CSV file so you can export and use the data externally.


In Pay Out > Movimientos you will see the information about every movement initiated from your account I.e, pay-outs. You can see an aggregation of the information from your accounts, balance, avg balance for each account, total transactions, among other data. You will be also able to filter by status, date, and search by order_code. As you can see in the image below, everything is arranged so with a quick glance you can get an accurate picture of your accounts' status.


Pay Out > Dashboard Will show you different dashboards that could help you manage your movements: last transactions, last orders status (completed, pending), total amount transferred, etc.


Payments is a sensitive subject. In case you have doubts about our Pay Out service take a look to our FAQs section.