Whenever you want to perform a transaction from your UNNAX account you can use our PAY OUT service. This service is implemented through a series of API Calls, but it also needs some configurations in your UNNAX Portal.

assignment_late You will need to register webhook events to receive information about the result of the transaction. 

computer You will need to set your account credentials in the UNNAX Portal

Step 1- Add your Internet banking credentials, signing method and signing credentials for the account from which you want to make PAY-OUTs.


Step 2- Configure your webhooks:

assignment_late You will need to register the “event_payment_transfer_auto_created” and “event_payment_transfer_auto_processed” webhooks event to receive information about the result of the transaction. For more information on webhooks click here

Step 3-  Create a transaction through the Create PAY-OUT endpoint

This will allow you to configure all the relevant parameters for the transaction. 

Below you'll find an example of a PAY-OUT Create request. Please refer to the documentation for more details on the use of this endpoint, configuration parameters, and other available functions. Auto-Payments PAY-OUT Create endpoint 

    "amount": 15500,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "customer_code": "1",
    "customer_names": "John Doe",
    "concept": "Unnax test transaction",
    "order_code": timestamp,
    "bank_order_code": timestamp,
    "destination_account": "ES1521047047332490142917"

Step 4- Receive order information

assignment_late After the transaction is created, you will receive the information on the transaction status in the URLs configured for the event_payment_transfer_auto_created” and “event_payment_transfer_auto_processed” webhooks.