In order to validate the correct implementation of our Account Aggregation services, we need to make sure that you have completed certain tasks related to Webhook configuration, API integration, information reception and interpretation, and overall usage of our endpoints in the Integration Environment. Unnax will provide with a certification script document which will include all neccesary steps to complete in order to obtain Unnax Integration certification.

Webhook creation

We will check if you have registered the webhooks related to this service, especifically the event fitnance_read

For more information related to webhooks please check

Callback reception

We will verify if our callback responses sent to the endpoints registered in the webhooks for ‘fitnance_read’ receive a “200 OK” from your servers.


Read content interpretation

We will require random data related to one or more statement entries. We will give you an order_code and you will have to return the information related to its amount, concept, and many other data that you could find in the bank read response. 

If you have implemented multi-bank reads through our widget, we will verify that you have performed successful reads of two or more banks in a single bank read request.

For more information about Callback decript please check:


If you implement the categorization feature we will require you to share the amount related to a specific category from an aggregation.