API v2 → v3 Migration guide

The following internal guide will help you migrate Merchants from API v2 to API v3.
Proving endpoints relation, major changes and direct links to documentation guide. 

Why does Merchant need to migrate?

Api v2 will be discontinued on April 1st 2021, no maintenance will be done past this date; new features, products and services will continue being developed, tested and maintained on API V3 for the upcoming months. 

New features & products:

  • PSD2 AIS

    • Tokens

    • Filters

    • Multiple report types

    • Notebook files

    • Indicators

    • Categorization

  • PSD2 PIS

    • Direct Bank Transfer

    • P2P Payments


  • VPOS: Bulk Charges

  • Auto Payments (Payouts) Waterfall system

    • Instant Payments

  • Stand alone Categorization

  • AML Plus (Dow Jones)

  • Full ID Widget

  • Wallets 

Please check the attached file containing an endpoint comparison (EN).