Widget v2 → v3 → v4 Migration guide

We are attaching three relevant documents along with this email: our guide of best practices for the use of the new widget, a list of postmessage events derived from the widget’s different states, and a breakdown of the advantages of the new version over the older versions of the widget. 

Why does Merchant need to migrate?

Unnax’s new aggregation widget (known as V4) is designed for greater compatibility with PSD2 and with banks’ Open APIs.
We will cease supporting the older version of the widget on the near future. Because of this, it is mandatory that you migrate to the new version at your earliest convenience.

This version offers important advantages such as:

  • Visual customization options (logo and color scheme)

  • Improved responsiveness

  • Optimized tooltips and user guides

  • Feedback gathering for operations that do not complete

Please check the attached files containing the widget best practices guide, events and advantages (EN).