In order to review all payments processed is needed to go to the Unnax Portal (link here). The first thing we need to do is to log in to the portal; once is done, we need to access 'Pay Outs'  on the menu that is on the left part:

Once we click on it a secondary menu is going to be displayed, there we are going to select 'Bancos':

Here, we are going to use mainly two tools: the search box and the selection bank account that are on the right part of the screen. On the search box, we are going to look for the most recent order of payment that has been completed because in the undesirable case that the customer didn't use the Unnax widget, there won't be any order of the payment on 'Pay In > Movimientos', but it will appear the movement on the last order completed. In other to find is important to accurately select the date on the filter of the calendar on a range of a few days, otherwise, you may not find the order and select the proper account where the movement was received.

  1. Type: indicates that it is either payment is an Income or Outcome
  2. Request: Date on which the transaction was made in format "dd-mm-yyyy".
  3. Deposit date: The date on which money has been deposited.
  4. Value date: Date of confirmation that payment has been validated in the beneficiary account.
  5. Concept: Order concept description.
  6. Amount: Payments quantity.
  7. Balance: Total amount in the bank account.
  8. Order_code: Unique alphanumeric identifier set for the order in the request.
  9. Internal Code: Identifier for the transfer in online banking.
  10. Beneficiary: Entity where payment will be deposited.
  11. Account number: Unique alphanumeric identifier for each account at a bank.