The information is accessed via the API of the bank where the account is located. Bank APIs use a specific nomenclature for requests, so third parties can access different kinds of information depending on their specific needs in each request. In the cases in which all the desired data cannot be retrieved by API, web scrapping methods are going to be used.

Some commonly used categories of data are the account balance, a list of movements over a certain period of time or the account owner's details.


In order to access customer information, Unnax offers a widget that allows the user to choose which banking data they want to provide and then, with their consent, enter their credentials into the Unnax widget. Once this is done, the user can leave the process and Unnax will proceed to read the account(s) that the customer has authorised.

The data will be treated differently depending on its purpose to suit the needs of the company: 

  • Presentation of data in JSON format, which applications can read to integrate into a company's business processes.
  • Export in one of several formats (e.g. PDF or CSV) which can be useful for integration into other processes or analytical systems.