Pay Out orders can be in any of the following states

  • New: (temporary state) Initial state of an order, this means that the order is pending to be processed. Also, if the account from which you want to process the transaction has no balance, transactions will be in this state until there's enough balance.
  • Completed: Result of a completed and successful transaction. In order to assure if an operation has been transferred it has to be checked if the callback event_lockstep_transfer_completed has been received (for more information go here).
  • Pending Confirmation: (temporary state) This state corresponds to an order where the bank returns an ambiguous result in the last step and it requires double check from Unnax.
  • Error: A order enters in the error state if this is rejected by the bank. You can check the fail reason in the callback and at Unnax Portal> Pay Outs > Movements.
  • Canceled: You can request Pay Out cancellation if the orders is in pending state. If the order was successfully cancelled the order state will change to this state.
  • Reimbursed: When a order has been returned by the bank or the client it's marked as reimbursed


For more information, you can check the Model States in our documentation