It is possible to obtain movements in CSV format in External Cashin List and Movements to consult transfers

    • Access the portal

    • Navigate to Pay-In > Movements / External Cashin List

    • Select the Period, Payment Method and State filters based on the programmed search

    • Press the Download CSV button

At the end of the download, the file "UNNAX_Payin_orders_dd_mm_yyyy.csv" is obtained, choose to open the application with Excel. 

The parameters contained within the file are the following:

    • Payment method: Indicates if the payments is Direct Bank Transfer, cashub_recurring_dbt or Credit Card

    • Date and Time: format by "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm" (24h)

    • Source order code: This will be the order identifier for further actions/queries.

    • Internal code: used to identify the transfer in online banking

    • Concept: short description of the order that is used to form the concept that will appear in online banking

    • Amount: the amount of the order expressed in units of cents

    • State: represents the status of the order 

    • Response Code

    • Owner

    • PAN

    • Accounted on Date of transaction deposit date

    • Destination account Represents the IBAN of the account receiving the payment

    • Source account  source account of the transaction

    • ID Destination Bank Number that indicates the identifier of the destination bank

    • Destination BankName