There can be situations when the aggregation report is not received by your system after read started.

This can be caused by multiple factors, some related to the customer and other to the bank, mostly.

(Please check related FAQ 'States of a bank aggregation request' for doubts about bank aggregation states)

Here is a short list of the most common reasons why the reports are not received after the process is started.

Cause: User left account aggregation process

Description: User can leave the widget anytime, leaving the process unfinished and without sending report information.

Additional information: Account aggregation request will stay in last state when user left until timeout.

Solution: Send new account aggregation link to the user (New reading request for tokenized readings)

Cause: Bank delay after login success

Description: Depending on the amount of statements or bank performance, the system can require a lot more time to get the information after the login is succesful.

Additional information: Most banks do maintenance at night, but at the end/beginning of month readings also delayed.

Solution: Check account aggregation request state and wait until reading process is completed.

Cause: Error during reading process

Description: Sometimes the bank can cut the connection or return some kind of error during the reading process.

Additional information: This can usually happens due to user login during reading process (S000021), bank requiring user's attention to contract (S000016), long readings, bank instability or end/beginning of month days.

Solution: Request customer to try aggregation later depending on error received.

Cause: Unnax delay after reading process

Description: When the destination URL returns an error to the callback sent, our system will wait for some time before retry.

Additional information: Our support department will contact regarding callback failures to solve them.

Solution: Check account aggregation request state (should be completed), wait until reading is completed.

Recommend using the webhooks and Unnax widget events designed to give as much information as possible about the account aggregation process from the user.